Opening campaign!

For the first 12 people and customers who purchase 8,000 yen or more,
Get a "BLACK ANGEL mini"!
It will end as soon as the product is gone. Hurry up! !

This gift is a mini version of BLACK ANGEL.
Two types, one for men and one for women. Both are help extracts of love.

Why don't you drop the opponent you want to shoot with BLACK ANGEL! ?
Mischief and witch extracts will help you!


Abnailab extract for women to use for men. Adding a few drops to your drink might do you some good!


The ultimate extract for men to use for women. I didn't have the courage until now, but if I use this and attack furiously, I might be able to take it down!

*Please note that you cannot choose the product.

Ingredients: guarana extract, L-arginine, caffeine, muiraprama extract (bark), mucuna extract, glutathione compound, alcohol content: 4ml
Country of manufacture: Japan
How to use: Spray 5-10 times onto your favorite beverage.
Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight, and store in a cool place.
Handling Precautions:
●Keep out of reach of infants.
●Please refrain from excessive use at one time.
●If it does not suit your body due to your constitution or physical condition, please stop using it.
●If you continue to feel discomfort or discomfort, stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor.