About [Response to nuisance behavior such as refusal to receive cash on delivery products]

Even if it is impossible to receive the delivered product due to refusal to receive it, long-term absence, etc., please be sure to receive it. In the unlikely event that you are absent, please contact the delivery company listed on the "absence note" and receive it within the storage period.
If you are unable to receive the item for any reason, please be sure to contact our store.
Packages that exceed the storage period will be returned to our store. In that case, you will be required to pay the shipping fee and cash-on-delivery handling fee (initial shipping fee of 600 yen + return shipping fee of 600 yen + cash-on-delivery handling fee of 400 yen, totaling 1,600 yen).
Please note that if this request is ignored, legal proceedings will be taken at the summary court having jurisdiction over the location of our store.

When ordering using fictitious or other person's personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) without permission.
*In addition, if there is an act that causes inconvenience or damage If the store determines that such a malicious act has caused inconvenience or damage to the store or many good customers, immediately submit a damage report to the police. Then, the police will request disclosure of information such as IP address, or our shop will file a provisional injunction application for disclosure to the court, exercise the disclosure order, identify the mischievous orderer, and claim damages.

All customers who have placed an order have confirmed it.

We understand that some of our good customers may feel uncomfortable, but we would like to ask for the understanding of many good customers in order to eliminate malicious nuisances.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.