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You might fall in love with it! ? [Itomail]

You might fall in love with it! ? [Itomail]


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[Itomail] A magical extract that opens the door to her desires

"The era of attracting women's attention with branded bags is over."
"When did you cast the spell of love on me?"
Takeaway rate UP immediately after joint party!

Immediately get that girl you like just by spraying it on your drink!
I want to make her my favorite thing, I want to make her more happy, I want to make her my own at drinking parties and joint parties At times like that, it's time for a drink! Just spray and let her drink. In no time she'll be in your arms, smiling sweetly.

She will never find out! The ultimate form of the winning technique for meeting people!

"Itomail" is a magical extract that satisfies your man 's heart.

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8,800 yen per bottle
2 pieces 16,500 yen
3 pieces ¥22,000

Ingredients: guarana extract, L-arginine, caffeine, nicotinamide, muiraprama extract Contents: 5ml
Country of manufacture: Japan How to use: Spray 10 to 15 times on your favorite drink.
Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight, and store in a cool place.
Handling Precautions:
●Keep out of reach of infants.
●Please refrain from excessive use at one time.
●If it does not suit your body due to your constitution or physical condition, please stop using it.

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