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[Extortion supplement made with male function and health as the first priority] active volcano Genki

[Extortion supplement made with male function and health as the first priority] active volcano Genki


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Active volcano Genki

Maximize the potential of men

There is no sexual improvement without nutritional and hormonal activity.
● Relieves fatigue and brings the body to the best condition ● Increases the production of male hormones, strengthens erection and durability ● Improves blood flow and vasodilation, strengthens erection and durability ● Increases sexual desire At the same time, increase concentration on SEX

Because it is a large amount of concentrated extract, you can feel the improvement effect. Uses "genuine concentrated extract", which is a combination of 5 types of extracts that are highly effective even with a single ingredient. It will not be compared with other companies.

[Muira Puama] Concentrated 12 times extract powder 400mg (3 grains)
Active ingredient "Muirapamine". It is known for its effects on recovery from fatigue, tonic action, impotence, stiff shoulders, etc. When 100 men with sexual dysfunction were given 1.5 grams of muira puama extract daily, 85% felt an increase in sexual desire, 100% had more frequent intercourse, and 90% improved to maintain an erection. It was observed.

[Maca] Maca concentrated 8 times extract powder 400mg (in 3 capsules)
It has been in the spotlight as a “natural Viagra”. Ingredients include iodine, zinc, asparagine, arginine, iron, vitamins E, C, and B. It contains well-balanced essential amino acids necessary for the body, and the synergistic effect of these ingredients stimulates the reproductive organs and activates sexual potency.

[Mucuna] Concentrated 15 times extract powder 400mg (in 3 capsules)
The ingredient called "natural L dopa" has the effect of increasing the male hormone (testosterone). Testosterone is a male sex hormone that promotes the excitement and erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Dopamine stimulates the pelvic nerve from the brain and directs sexual behavior. I am motivated for SEX.

[L-Arginine] Pure powder 80mg (in 3 capsules)
It not only prevents aging and rejuvenates, but also shows strong preventive and improvement effects against aging diseases and lifestyle-related diseases.

[Garlic] Concentrated 30 times extract powder 20mg (in 3 capsules)
The active ingredient, allicin, combines with vitamin B1 and turns into a component called ariathymine, which accumulates in the blood for a long period of time. The active ingredient "scorginine" also activates the metabolism and has a tonic and synergistic effect.

Price list (tax included)

8,800 yen per bottle
2 sticks 16,500 yen
22,000 yen for 3 bottles

Ingredients: muira puama extract powder, maca extract powder, mucuna extract powder, L-arginine, tea caffeine, garlic extract powder, turtle powder, reindeer horn powder, red viper powder, cordyceps extract powder, tongkat ali extract powder Contents: 60 tablets (410mg)
Country of Manufacture: Japan Storage Method: Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
Directions: Take 2-4 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.
Handling Precautions:
●Keep out of reach of infants.
●If you have food allergies, please check the ingredients.
●If you experience any abnormalities after consuming, please discontinue use.
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