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For an emergency erection 〇 command ... A fast-acting fight with this one! [Emperor of the Night DRINK]

For an emergency erection 〇 command ... A fast-acting fight with this one! [Emperor of the Night DRINK]


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[Emperor of the Night DRINK] Yah! your friend when

In an emergency or when you feel uneasy... A quick fight with this one! 👍

Drink before the SEX timing!
Standby OK in 30 minutes when you want to do something right away!
Masculinity that lasts until the next day! !

Start early because it's a drink! Quick drink in average 30 minutes
●Vitality is full ●Improve concentration
Ingredients and amounts that are incomparable to other drinks! !

[Staff recommendation]

Unaffected by alcohol and food.
"Emperor of the Night" DRINK that makes you stuffy during shower
We received a lot of requests from our customers saying, "I want you to make something that works faster."
We will release a drink type of the popular "Emperor of the Night".
Ingredients are almost the same as "Emperor of the Night" supplement.
Contains a large amount of about 5 capsules per bottle! Since it is a liquid, it starts in about 20 minutes at the earliest. After 30 minutes, it's amazing... I'm itchy until the next day...
One might be too much for me. By the way, it was definitely better than "Yunker for 5,000 yen".

Price list (tax included)

1 box 10,000 yen
2 boxes ¥18,000
4 boxes ¥24,000

Ingredients: fructose glucose liquid, mango juice, acidulant, flavoring, cordyceps fruiting body extract powder, L-arginine, guarana extract, maca extract, soft-shelled turtle, Panax ginseng, odorless garlic, zinc yeast, scorpion, ant, odorless garlic, sea snake, Paffia extract, horse heart, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, anhydrous caffeine Contents: 50ml x 3 Country of manufacture: Japan Preservation method: Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight, and store in a cool place.
please note:
●Ingredients may float or sediment, but there is no problem with quality. Shake well before drinking.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●If you experience any abnormalities after drinking, discontinue use.
●Those sensitive to caffeine, children, and pregnant women should refrain from drinking.
●If you drive a car, please refrain from drinking.

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